2021 3rd International Conference on Communications, Information System and Software Engineering(CISSE 2021)
Call for paper
  • Emergency Communication /紧急通信

Communication Engineering通信工程
Emergemcy communication应急通信
Computer Networks and Data Communication 计算机网络和数据通信
Information Analysis and Infrastructure信息分析和基础设施
Computer Networks and Data Communication计算机网络和数据通信
Wireless Sensor and Communication Networks 无线传感器和通信网络
Mobile Computing and Communication 移动计算和通信
Clold Computing and Internet of Thing 云计算与物联网
Network and Data Security网络和数据安全
Virtual Reality and Simulation虚拟现实与仿真

  • Remote Sensing and Satellite Communication/遥感和卫星通信

FM/FDMTV Satellite调频/调频电视卫星
Satellite MODEM卫星调制解调器
Linear and Circular polarization of antennas on spectrum analyser频谱分析仪上天线的线极化和圆极化
Heaven-Earth Emergemcy communication天地应急通信
Advances on signal and image processing for remote sensing遥感信号与图像处理进展
Big Data from Earth Observation: analytics, mining, semantics来自地球观测的大数据:分析、挖掘、语义

  • Big Data and Intelligent Computing/大数据和智能计算

Big data and Cloud Computing大数据和云计算
Distributed Computing and Cooperative Computing分布式计算和协作计算
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Computing人工智能和智能计算
Semantic Analysis and Knowledge Engineering语义分析和知识工程
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition机器学习和模式识别
Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery数据挖掘和知识发现
Intelligence Algorithm智能算法

  • Blockchain Technology and Systems/区块链技术和系统

Distributed consensus algorithms and protocols分布式一致性算法和协议
Distributed database and ledger design and performance enhancement分布式数据库和分类帐设计以及性能增强
Smart contract design, programming, testing and workflow automation智能合同设计、编程、测试和工作流程自动化
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) 分散自治组织
Validation of smart contracts智能合同的验证

  • Emerging Embedded Applications and Interdisciplinary Topics Track/新兴嵌入式应用和跨学科主题轨道

Embedded System Architecture 嵌入式系统架构
Embedded Software Architectures嵌入式软件架构
Intelligent Embedded Systems智能嵌入式系统
Wireless Sensor Networks无线传感器网络
Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) 网络物理系统
Industrial Practices and Case Studies工业实践和案例研究

  • Software Engineering/软件工程

Software Agent Technology软件代理技术
Middleware Design Techniques中间件设计技术
Reliability & Modeling Analysis可靠性和建模分析
e-Government Engineering电子政务工程
Modeling with UML用统一建模语言建模
Cost Modeling and Analysis成本建模和分析
Component-Based Software Engineering基于组件的软件工程
Mobile/Wireless Computing移动/无线计算
Computer & Software Engineering计算机和软件工程
Communication Systems and Networks通信系统和网络
Parallel & Distributed Computing并行和分布式计算
Technology Transfer技术转让
Data Mining and Knowledge Recovery数据挖掘和知识恢复
Safety and Security Critical Software安全和安保关键软件
Business Process Reengineering & Science业务流程再造与科学
Artificial Intelligence Reengineering, Reverse Engineering人工智能再造,逆向工程
Design & Process Engineering & Science设计与过程工程与科学
Design Patterns & Frameworks设计模式和框架
Software Process Models Process Management & Improvement软件过程模型过程管理和改进
Software Architecture软件体系结构

Software Testing Techniques




Economic and Financial Systems经济和金融体系
Software Reuse and Metrics软件重用和度量
Healthcare Engineering医疗保健工程
Requirements Engineering需求工程
Object-Oriented Technology面向对象技术
Distributed Intelligence Systems分布式智能系统